Help – Logging In

I am Locked Out

  • If your account was locked due to too many login attempts, an email should be sent to your administrator letting them know so that they can unlock your account. Please contact your administrator and they will be able to follow the instructions provided to unlock your account.

I forgot my Password

  • You can request that your password be reset by following this link: Reset my Password

I Need to Change my Password

I am a New User

  • I never received my login
    • If you are a new user and have not received your login credentials you will need to request them from your system administrator.
    • If you are provided a work email, this will be your username. If you do not then an “email like” username will be provided with a “.tmp” extension. This would look like john.smith@dealership.tmp

  • I have a login but I am receiving "Failed to Authenticate"
    • Verify that you are online. TechCheck logs into an online server to validate your user and to save inspections and estimates. If you are not connected to the internet you will not be able to login.
    • Please verify that all the pre-requisites are met by visiting the download page linked here: If all the items come up with a green check mark then all the pre-requisites should be valid.

Support Contact:

Tel: (877) 606-6588
Fax: (626) 914-2875